We have received numerous messages of support for which we are extremely grateful. We have also received even more requests for a delivery service and I think it is important that I communicate our current stance. We are desperately sad that we have been forced to close by this terrible and insidious disease. However I feel that we are duty bound to follow government guidelines and stop all trading. It is difficult to argue that a delivery of compost and sundry plants and such like can be classed as an essential journey. We need to stand by the government as they are standing by our workers and guaranteeing 80% of their wages. A return to work, even part time – for example to offer a delivery service – would put at risk the support the government have offered. Root One will be topping up wages to 100% for as long as this offer stays in place and the company can afford to do so. This way my staff will not be out of pocket and I will be doing the best that I can for them. We all need to pay our bit and share the pain so that the burden is equally distributed. The government have asked us to stay at home for 3 weeks and then they will re-assess. And this is what we will be doing. So whilst I do not rule out the possibility of trying to run a skeleton service of some sort in the future this will depend on how long the outbreak lasts and whether government guidelines alter. I hope you will all understand.

For the time being I will continue to monitor the situation. You know that I am a powerful advocate for the health benefits of gardening. I do not believe that the government, given the scale of the problems that beset them, have had the opportunity to fully evaluate these as yet, but our trade association, the HTA, are campaigning vigorously to make our voices heard. Unfortunately the difficulty all round with any decision-making is the unknown. And this is unknown territory and an unknown situation.

Jeremy Brudenell, Owner, Root One.

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