The nights are drawing in and the leaves are falling, with the Summer coming to an end its time to start preparing our gardens for the Autumn Season. Take a look at our top tips to keep you busy this Autumn!

Rake and Remove Leaves

As Autumn season approaches leaves inevitably fall over the lawn. A thin pile of leaves will cause no problems and will easily decompose and even benefit the lawns health, however thick layers of leaves can starve the grass of light and encourage disease. Grass can die under these circumstances, so we recommended removing the leaves from the lawn on a regular basis. We stock a large variety of helpful tools.

For further advice and tips on how to keep your lawn looking its best this season click here.


Cut Herbaceous Perennials and Shrubs

Divide clumps of perennials during the months of September and October. Plants that have multiplied into large clumps will be competing for moisture and nutrients in the soil. Freeing up space between plants helps to maintain a tidy and healthy garden by encouraging plants to bloom. If there are any gaps in your beds or borders fill them in with Autumn-flowering plants such as asters or rudbeckias, to give one last blast of colour before the frost sets in.

As shrubs provide structure in a garden, it’s a good idea to give them a light prune in the Autumn to keep them in shape after a Summer of vigorous growth. Deciduous shrubs will lose their leaves which makes it easier to see the full size and shape of the overall plant helping you to decide what needs to be cut back.

Autumn Planting

Autumn is the perfect time to plant Spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocus and snowdrops. For more information on how to get the best out of your bulbs click here.
There is still plenty to sow and grow this time of year, either straight into the ground, in the green house or even on the kitchen windowsill. Leafy veg is a popular choice such as spinach and Spring cabbages. Salad crops can be sown now ready to harvest in a few months. Broad beans and peas planted now can establish over the winter and crop earlier next Spring.

Create Autumn Colour in the Garden

It’s a great time to be planting hardy plants such as roses and fruit trees, or for instant colour dainty violas, cyclamen and pansies. Here are some of our favourite plants to make your garden stand out during the colder months.

Malus Toringo Aros

Malus toringo Aros is new dwarf variety of slow-growing crab-apple. This beautiful tree is ideal for growing in smaller gardens or in patio planters. In Autumn it produces small clusters of maroon-coloured fruits. Even after the foliage has fallen the tree is still undeniably attractive.


Chrysanthemum have a long flowering period and provide your garden with Autumnal colour from late Summer into Winter. These sun loving blooms come in many varieties, shapes and colours. They look especially stunning in pots and borders.


Cyclamen are tuberous perennials with dainty twisted flowers and are perfect for adding a touch of Autumn colour to those dry shady areas beneath trees. They come in a variety of colours and last until the heat of the following Spring.

Cornus Kousa Satomi

The Cornus Kousa Satomi is a deciduous shrub that offers a profusion of deep red ovate leaves and rosy-pink strawberry-like fruits in the Autumn. Its happiest in a sunny spot in the shelter of other trees or shrubs, avoiding very hot dry sites.

Pieris Japonica

Pieris japonica are evergreen spring-flowering shrubs. In the Autumn the leaves are a deep green shade with a glossy, leathery appearance. Many varieties also have striking variegated foliage.

Pansies and Violas

Pansies and Violas are perfect for achieving instant colour in Autumn in pot and borders. Regularly deadheading is key to ensure the best flowering.

Autumn Gift Guide

Discover our new selection of unique gifts for Autumn, including handmade pieces.
To help prepare the mood for the Autumn season we have a variety of inspirational fragrances for your home, such as the Apple Spice reed diffuser by Price’s. We also have a wide range of natural fragrances, which include reed diffusers, candles and soaps from Agnes + Cat, that are handmade in the Lake district.

Adorn your Autumn outfits with our lovely pieces from the Fallen Leaves collection designed by Shruti. This includes cross-body and cosmetic bags, coin purses, bamboo travel mugs and warm cosy scarves. Featuring rows of orange, white and grey leaves against a stylish charcoal background.

As there’s still much to do in the garden during the Autumn months treat yourself to a new pair of trendy but hardwearing gardening gloves in the new Oak Leaf design. Burgon & Ball have released three stunning colours in this design, poppy, moss and navy so you’re sure to find a pair you love.

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