Spring is our favourite time of year at Root One. From early March all the way through to the end of May, there’s always something to keep you busy in the garden. Here’s our top tips for Spring:

Grow your own

Whether you have an allotment plot, a patch in your garden, or just some pots on the patio, there are fruit and veg varieties to suit everyone. Download our vegetable planner for your reference.

  • Start to sow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers indoors in a good quality seed and cutting compost.
  • Plant onion sets and potatoes (first earlies in March, second earlies and main crop in April). Make sure to earth up once the shoots appear above the soil.
  • As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can plant out runner beans, french beans and peas from May.
Seed Compost

Seed & Cutting Compost 2L £3.99 each or 2 for £6

Onion Sets

We stock a range of onion and garlic sets in store

Potato Planter

Potato Planters are great for the patio – £10.99

Maintain beds and containers

Now is a great time to freshen up your beds and pots, before the plants start to grow.

  • Using a hoe or a hand trowel, remove any weeds from the beds, ensure to remove all the roots.
  • Dig in 5cm of organic matter such as well-rotted manure or compost.
  • Top dress pots and containers with fresh compost to boost nutrients. Ensure to replace all compost after a couple of years.
Dutch Hoe

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Farmyard Manure

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Woodlodge Pots

A vast selection of Woodlodge pots

Sow new and repair existing lawns 

Spring is the best time to sow new lawn or treat tired, patchy lawns.

  • Rake the lawn to remove any winter debris and scuff the surface before re-seeding.
  • Re-shape lawn edges using a half-moon lawn edging tool.
  • Treat moss and weeds with lawn weed killer and feed.
  • You can mow your lawn once a week if you can towards the end of this period, but keep the blades a little higher at this time of year.
Evergreen Mosskil

A variety of lawn weed and feed from £8.49

Lawn Edger

Half Moon Lawn Edgers from £17.49

Patch Magic

Repair dead patches with Patch Magic – £9.99

Plant up hanging baskets 

You can start planting hanging baskets from April, as long as they are kept indoors until the last frosts.

  • Ensure to chose a basket that is lined, or replace the liner of your existing basket if your old one is no longer suitable.
  • Chose a multi-purpose compost and add some water retaining granules.
  • Start with a plant that creates an impact in the centre of the basket, add some trailing plants and consider your colour choices. We have a lovely selection of basket plants to chose from in our glasshouse.
Hanging Cone

We have a range of hanging baskets from £5.99

Moisture Control

Help retain moisture in pots and baskets

Basket Liner

Basket liners and Sphagnum Moss from £3.99

Encourage wildlife into your garden

Lots of wildlife is very beneficial for your garden such as insects, birds and Hedgehogs.

  • Encourage Hedgehogs by feeding them or buy a wooden Hedgehog home.
  • Plant Bee loving plants such as Foxgloves, Aquilegia or Dahlias, just look for the “Bee friendly” symbol on the plant label or seed packet.
  • During Spring birds require high protein foods such as black sunflower seeds, mealworms and mixes for insectivorous birds.
  • Insect houses are perfect for attracting beneficial insects such as Ladybirds, Butterflies and Bees.
  • Planting wildflowers is also a great way to attract beneficial insects, simply scatter the seeds onto soil and wait for them to grow.

Insect House £21.49

Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food 900g £5.99

Gardman Mealworms 1.2kg RRP £29.99 Our Price £24.99

Useful garden accessories 

Beautiful, but also functional and practical accessories for your garden.

  • Planning to get your hands dirty this Spring? Gloves come in handy to prevent pricks from thorns, splinters or nasty blisters.
  • Clogs are super comfy, easy to clean and light-weight so they don’t get in your way of gardening.
  • Minimise the impact on your knees whilst gardening with knee pads.
  • Keep an eye on the time whilst you’re tending to your plants and create a striking focal point in your garden with an attractive outdoor clock.

Tropical Forest Lady Gardener Gloves £4.99

Sicilian Lemon Clogs £11.99

Wimborne Outdoor Clock £26.99

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