Now that Autumn has arrived at Root One there are some spectacular displays of colour in the plant area, reminding us that this time of year should never be dull or lifeless. In fact, there’s suddenly a great long list of things to do in the garden!

It’s a Great Time for Planting Trees and Roses!


With the ground still warm, it’s the perfect time to be planting fruit and ornamental trees and your more robust shrubs like roses and hydrangeas. The warm soil and more frequent rainfall encourages a strong healthy root system before flourishing next spring.

Dig a planting hole that is no deeper than the roots, ideally at least three times the diameter of the root ball.  Consider using Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi if soil conditions are poor to help it along.

For further information how how to care for and plant roses this season, click here.

For Autumn tree planting tips and ideas, click here.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

If you’re already looking ahead to Spring, we have an array of Spring flowering bulbs from alliums and daffodils to tulips and everything in-between, ready for planting for a much-welcomed burst of beautiful, cheerfulness after the winter. For more information on how plant bulbs, click here.

Instant Colour

For some instant colour in the garden take a look at our pre-made baskets and containers full of violas, pansies, cyclamen and hardy foliage. If you’re looking for something on the larger side, acer trees have a lot to offer a garden of any size, they can be planted both in the ground or in containers. Not only do they grace the garden with vibrant colour and texture they are also slow growing and low maintenance.

For a comprehensive list of plants that will provide colour throughout the coming months, click here.

If you are looking for something in particular our friendly team will be pleased to assist you.

Keeping the Garden Tidy in Autumn

Rake Leaves

As Autumn season approaches leaves inevitably fall over the lawn. A thin pile of leaves will cause no problems and will easily decompose and even benefit the lawns health, however thick layers of leaves can starve the grass of light and encourage disease. Grass can die under these circumstances, so we recommended removing the leaves from the lawn on a regular basis. We stock a large variety of helpful tools. For further advice and tips on how to keep your lawn looking its best this season click here.

Produce to Harvest and Sow in Autumn

Autumn is a busy time for harvesting produce, whether you have a vegetable patch in the garden or an allotment, crops such as beetroots, tomatoes, squash, carrots and potatoes are ready to be enjoyed. It’s also a good idea to harvest tender crops before the first frosts take hold. September is the peak time for apple, raspberry and blackberry picking.

There is still plenty to sow and grow this time of year, either straight into the ground, in the green house or even on the kitchen windowsill. Leafy veg is a popular choice such as spinach and Spring cabbages. Salad crops can be sown now ready to harvest in a few months. Broad beans and peas planted now can establish over the winter and crop earlier next Spring.

Cosy Nights

After a hard day’s work in the garden, we have everything you need make your outdoor space cozy with our fabulous collection of furniture and entertaining decor, such as rugs, lanterns, solar lights, fire pits, throws, and cushions!