Autumn is one of the best times to treat your lawn, when there is time for the grass to respond before the soil gets to cold and hard and before growth terminates for the season.

Step 1 – Weed & feed

  • Start by tackling any moss that you may have. Evergreen Complete will not only kill moss, but will feed the lawn too.
  • As the nights draw in consider using the Autumn Lawn food which does the same job pretty much but is lower in nitrogen which will stop the grass growing too much during the winter.
  • After a couple of weeks, the moss will turn black. You can then remove this by using a spring-tined rake or a scarifier , which will also remove any thatch from the lawn.

Step 2 – Treat the ground

  • Spike lawns with an aerator to allow the movement of air and water to the roots. If you have a bad moss problem then spreading lawn sand over the lawn to fill the gaps will help drain surface lying water quicker but also in times of drought will retain slightly more moisture.
  • There are several types of aerator to do the job, or you can even use a garden fork. Lawn Shoes with aerator spikes or the best method is a hollow tine aerator that will remove tubes of soil that can then be filled with sand.
  • Use a top dressing – a mixture of loam, sand and well-rotted organic matter to improve soil quality. Brush this dressing across the surface of the lawn so that it fills the holes, allowing air and water into the lawn.

Lawn Aerator

Lawn Spike Aerator

Lawn Aerator Shoes

Step 3 – Sow seed or lay turf

  • If you are laying a new lawn, or if you need to replace an existing, now is the best time to lay new turf or sew seed. See our Johnsons Lawn Seed guide below to chose the right one for your garden.
  • We also stock turf at this time of year for that instant impact, feel free to give us a call to check our stock levels before you visit.

JohnsonsShady Place – Great for shady places such as under trees, next to walls and hedges. This seed is also drought tolerant.

General Purpose  – This seed can be used for new lawns, over-seeding and patching. A great all round mix!

Quick Lawn – This seed has excellent wear tolerance and it has the added benefit of including a dressing called ‘Gromax’ which attracts beneficial bacteria in the soil to the grass roots. Gromax is child and pet friendly.

Any Time – A Root One favourite, this seed will germinate when the soil reaches 3ºC. Any Time also produces a deep green colour and is perfect if you are looking for a hard-wearing lawn.

Quick Fix – A great seed for lawns with high traffic. This seed also contains a fertiliser.

And remember to keep on top of falling leaves, use a leaf grabber to save bending down. Why not keep them in a leaf sack to make your own leaf mould!