During the Autumn, winter months the cold, wet weather can be damaging to your lawn but with a little bit of extra care you can keep your lawn looking as healthy as it did during the summer.

Tools For The Job

Extra Wide Plastic Rake

A wide rake is ideal for raking leaves, grass, and other garden debris from lawns. Removing leaves form the lawn is an important step in maintaining lawn health at this time of year. Firstly, by exposing your lawn to air, sunlight, water, and the nutrients it needs, and preventing any harbouring fungal diseases. For further information about how to keep your lawn looking great this season, click here.

A wire rake is great for removing moss but can be damaging to your lawn, the benefit of using a plastic rake is that its lightweight and doesn’t put as much pressure on the grass thus reducing the risk of pulling the grass out via the roots, which then won’t grow back until next spring.

Plastic Anti Clog leaf rake

The Anti-clog leaf rake is designed to ensure raking is a much easier task. This rake is unique in the way that the ends are connected in a V shape, it works fast at gathering large amount of leaves and it doesn’t clog up, thus saving time and potentially back ache too.

Lawn Scarifier

The cold, damp, dark weather creates the perfect conditions for moss to thrive in the lawn, so now is the perfect time to remove it before it becomes too invasive. Raking is the preferred method for removing moss preferably with lawn scarifier. If the lawn is patchy afterwards you can cover with grass seed, the grass seed will still germinate providing that the temperature remains above 8 degrees.

Another easy way to remove moss from the lawn is to use the VivaGreen MossOff, its chemical free and safe to use around people, animals, plants, and ponds. It dries to form an invisible biodegradable micro-coating that stops moss growth. Simply apply MossOff to moss and leave it to do its work.


Jumbo Leaf Grabbers

This handy tool makes light work of what otherwise can be a very time-consuming task, its claw-like leaf design will allow you to pick up maximum leaves at one time. Its lightweight and will guard against strain and protect the hands from harmful insect bites that might be hiding in the leaves.

Instead of throwing the leaves on to the compost pile you can use them to make your own leaf mulch for your beds and borders for the following year. Simply gather fallen leaves, keep them moist and store inside a black bin bag, punch some drainage holes in the bottom and store them somewhere out of sight for the next six months.