Autumn is the perfect time to plant both fruit and ornamental trees whilst the soil is still warm, we have a wide and wonderful selection of both. With many herbaceous plants dying back during the Autumn, the colourful hues provided by the trees is a welcome sight for gardeners, they also provide height, structure, and interest in the garden, we stock trees for both large and small gardens so we’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Trees For Small Gardens

For small gardens you might consider an olive, acer, a compact apple tree an ornamental cherry or a cercis tree.

New to us this year is the cercis variety, which we highly recommend, particularly ‘cercis ruby falls’, a weeping shaped tree, with dark heart-shaped leaves that are soft and velvety to touch, this time of year the leaves turn fantastic shades of gold, red and purple. To delight us in the Spring it produces pea-like pink-purple flowers from April. Another similar cheery cercis tree is ‘cercis golden falls’, which as you might have guessed has beautiful deep golden yellow heart-shaped leaves in the Spring that turn green later in the year.


Acer Trees are also a great choice for small to medium sized gardens, they are easy to grow in the ground or in containers. Not only do they grace our gardens with vibrant colour and texture they are also slow growing and low maintenance. We have a wide variety of Acers in our plant area such as ‘crimson king’, ‘october glory’ and ‘brandywine’.

Another added benefit of finding the perfect tree for your garden is that with every tree purchased here at Root One there is an opportunity to add a £5 donation (which we will match!) to the GoMAD “Plant a tree, Save a life” campaign. For more info please visit

Fruit Trees

There are so many benefits to planting fruit trees in the garden! Of course there’s the obvious benefit of free delicious fruit, but they also provide a focal point, shade, reduce your carbon foot print, and feed and protect local wildlife.
We stock one of the most recent cherry varieties, ‘cheery sweetheart’! It’s a beautiful hardy tree that bares red to dark red, sweet, flavoured cherries ready for eating in mid-august, with a picking period that lasts until early September. You can make the most of your crop by cooking with them or adding to jams and preserves.
Apple Red Windsor is one of the easiest dessert apple trees to grow, it produces an abundance of bright red apples ready in September, it will grow happily in the ground or a large container.