The GoMAD in Tanzania


We are very proud to be supporting the ‘Go Make A Difference in Tanzania’ project and in particular the “Plant a tree, Save a life” campaign. Although giving support many miles away, this charity was created by a couple from Cholsey and really fits with the ethos behind Root One.

We all know the environmental benefits of trees for the planet but for many in Tanzania it is also a last resort option to source money needed to help with an emergency. The communities in Tanzania that GoMAD supports rely on the land for their food and income, the majority are subsistence farmers and live far below the poverty line of an income of £1.50/day/person.

By selling a tree for firewood, be that to feed their family if a crop fails, for medical costs for a sick child or pay for that child’s education families are able to survive that little bit longer, unfortunately this meant that in many areas there are now no trees left on the hillsides.
This scheme hopes to help the local farmers create a sustainable tree planting and harvesting scheme. The scheme aims to plant 25000 trees over the next 12 month as a starting point.

Twin your tree with a tree in Tanzania and change a life!


Anyone who buys a tree at Root One will be given the opportunity to add £5 to their tree purchase and we will MATCH that generous donation! In return GoMAD will plant a tree in Tanzania for you, and you will receive a tree certificate with the exact location including its co-ordinates on google maps, the farmer’s name who is looking after the tree and the tree species. Not only will these trees make a big difference to small farmers in Tanzania, allowing them to grow their way out of poverty, its also a great way to offset your carbon footprint and help the environment.

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2023 Update

Thank you to all those who have donated to the GoMad tree project, we are happy to report that the trees are growing well and have greatly benefited from the rains over the past 3 months. We are so pleased to see the transformation of Mama Enoch’s, Grevillea Robusta tree.

With the help of your generous donations, GoMAD have continued to train the farmers and invest in the tree project, including building 2 dams to create small reservoirs for 2 otherwise dry villages in Tanzania. They have also been teaching the farmers about pruning which encourages the growth of tall straight trees which is a new concept for many farmers.

Style Acre

The Root One team are proud to sponsor Style Acre, a local charity that enhances the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism.

We are supporting their garden project, a transformed dilapidated area that now produces flowers, vegetables and fruit with the relevant gardening tools and equipment. We agree that gardening delivers a multitude of benefits and is a great opportunity for the adults with learning disabilities and autism to be involved in.

We have also sponsored their Green Acre project, which is their gardening maintenance social enterprise, established to provide work opportunities and training for people with learning disabilities and autism.

The team visit local Style Acre houses to undertake gardening maintenance jobs, including hedge trimming, mowing and planting. Keep an eye out for their van with our logo on.

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Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary

We’ve adopted Donkeys!

Root One are the proud adoptive parents of Lucas and Brewster. They’ve both had difficult starts in life but are now loved and cared for at our local Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary.

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