I’m delighted to say that our cut trees have now arrived in centre. We have a choice of Norway Spruce and Nordmann Fir with heights going from 1m up to 2.7m and prices from £29.99 to £99.99. We also have a range of potted trees in heights up to 1.5m.

If your unsure about coming to the centre, we are happy to put a tree by for you to collect or arrange one for delivery. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss you requirements.

Christmas Tree Order Form 

Please note that we realise that choosing a tree is a very personal thing to do. If you ask us to pick one for you we will do our best to ensure the one we pick meets your expectations, however, we can offer no guarantee’s that it will be your perfect tree although we can say that anything we pick will adhere to the high standards we set ourselves. Any tree selected this way will not be returnable apart from under our normal returns policy.

2021 Christmas Trees Sizes and Costs

Potted Trees

Norway Spruce 60/80cm – £29.99
Norway Spruce 80/100cm – £35.99
Norway Spruce 100/125cm – £44.99
Norway Spruce 125/150cm – £49.99
Nordmann Fir 60/80cm – £36.99
Nordmann Fir 80/100cm – £42.99
Nordmann Fir 100/125 cm – £54.99

Cut Trees

Norway Spruce 100/125cm – £19.99
Norway Spruce 125/150cm – £22.99
Norway Spruce 150/180cm – £27.99
Norway Spruce 180/210cm – £32.99
Norway Spruce 210/240cm – £39.99
Norway Spruce 240/270cm – £45.99

Nordmann Fir 100/125cm – £25.99
Nordmann Fir 125/150cm – £35.99
Nordmann Fir 150/180cm – £45.99
Nordmann Fir 180/210cm – £59.99
Nordmann Fir 210/240cm – £69.99
Nordmann Fir 240/270cm – £99.99

Once again our tree prices have remained the same as last year, in fact this is the sixth year in a row we have managed to keep our prices the same.