Compost, Aggregates & Pots

We offer a complete range of best quality composts from The Greener Gardening Company for every type of plant and situation. We also stock bagged topsoil, bark, mulches and soil conditioners.  We are now stocking a full range of peat free compost.  This is the ‘Happy’ range from The Greener Gardening Company.  We have a handful of different options so please just ask our friendly staff in store for further details.

We supply aggregates like chippings, gravel, pebbles, cobbles and rockery stones, horticultural grit, and play sand. And we also sell a massive range of frost-resistant pots, from classic terracotta to chic wooden planters.

Maintaining compost levels has been extremely difficult since re-opening after lockdown with our sole supplier, The Greener Gardening Company stopping production due to the covid issues, and even now only producing a reduced range with a month delivery time. This has meant finding alternatives where possible and we have been able to offer basic compost for most of this time with Vitax and now Miracle Gro filling the gaps. Availability is slowly improving but it will be some time before we have our full range available again.

With the ongoing challenges with compost availability, keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates or contact us via the website.