At Root One, we realise that environmental issues are causing dramatic changes to our climate and we want to do what we can to help minimise the impact we have as a business.

What are we doing to help the environment?

At Root One we:

  • Generate our own energy with solar pv panels.
  • Recycle our paper, cardboard, plastics and glass from our Garden Centre and Café.
  • Use bio-degradable carrier bags.
  • Work with South Oxfordshire District Council to offer a Christmas tree recycling service.
  • Compost our food waste from the café.
  • Offer our customers free bags of our used coffee grounds for their garden. It is great for the garden, keeps our carbon footprint low and reduces landfill waste.
  • Use cardboard straws and washable cutlery in our café to help reduce plastic waste.



Eco-products and Furniture

Nassau Range

We are proud to offer sustainable garden furniture sets, such as the Nassau range from LifestyleGarden made with ethically sourced and recycled Social Plastic.

Social Plastic is an ethically sourced recycled material, that is collected from vulnerable coastlines helping to keep waterways and communities clean.

Included within this range is the DuraOcean set which is made from recycled maritime and fishing ropes.

Hug Rug

We have wide variety of beautiful and functional rugs by Hug Rug which are made with natural or recycled materials.


We are in love with the new Ocean Collection Designer pots made with maritime plastic by Elho.