Following the latest government guidelines, effective from 19th July, please be aware of the following whilst visiting:
• We suggest wearing your facemask when inside the buildings
• We suggest keeping a social distance of 2 metres whenever possible
• Please hand sanitize on entering the centre
• We have kept our one-way system in place throughout the buildings, please follow the signage and floor markings as appropriate
• Card payments only, contactless limit is £45
• We are still accepting HTA vouchers and gift cards

These measures are for your safety along with that of our staff, we thank you for your understanding and enjoy your visit.



With all the seeming confusion surrounding the lockdown rules, we thought we would clarify the guidelines as they apply to visiting Root One.

With all the seeming confusion surrounding the lockdown rules, we thought we would clarify the guidelines as they apply to visiting Root One.

Firstly, yes we are open.
Garden Centres have been designated as essential retail by the government and the reasoning for this in a nutshell is the positive effect to everyone’s mental health from being in the garden.
A recent quote from our trade association, the HTA confirms this,
“Although the developing situation with coronavirus is clearly something that demands action, we firmly believe garden centres provide an important service in enabling better mental and physical wellbeing for people who are trying to manage the impact of restrictions on daily life”
We are aware that other garden centres have chosen to close at this time, we fully understand the pressures around the decision to trade or not, be they moral, financial or health related, but we believe that our centre is a safe place to shop so long as you follow all the government guidelines to keep not just yourselves but our staff safe. Our primary concern at this time is the safety of our staff and customers and we will review the decision to stay open regularly to ensure we are meeting that concern.

Our café is closed.
Government guidelines are clear on this so unfortunately our café colleagues are unable to be with us at present.

Essential visits only please.
Whilst we are happy to be open but to keep everyone safe your visit should be to purchase items for your garden, logs/coal and other essential items.
We are happy for you to phone us and check on an items availability before your visit, and for those shielding, take payment over the phone and arrange delivery, but please only for those who have a medical reason to need this service. Our normal delivery service is still available, currently on a Tuesday, but this may be changed depending on requirements.

Toilets are closed
Please note the toilets are currently closed, obviously in cases of an emergency we can make provision available.

Government Guidelines apply throughout the centre

  • You need to keep 2m apart from other customers and also our team, wear a facemask at all times unless medically exempt
  • Do not mix with people from outside of your household
  • Maximum of 2 people per household
  • Please sanitise your hands before shopping and at the various locations around the centre
  • Please try to keep product handling to a minimum
  • At the tills remember its card payment only and to follow the instructions given by the member of staff on the till

At this difficult time we hope all our customers enjoy their garden, from the first shoots of green coming through the soil, the spring flowering bulbs starting to shower their flowers and the birds coming to eat the bird food out on the lawn, but most of all we hope you all stay safe!

From All at Root One




Garden Centre to Stay Open

Following the latest government announcement, we are able to confirm that the garden centre will be remaining open during the lockdown but, unfortunately, our café will be closing on Wednesday 4th at 4pm through to the 3rd December subject to any further government changes.

To help those customers who are unable to visit us during the lockdown period, we will be increasing our home delivery slots. These extra slots are primarily for those who would have previously been shielding or are suffering from health issues that would make visiting in the current climate a much higher risk.

If you would like to arrange home delivery, we would ask that you email us or use the enquiry form on the website https://www.root-one.co.uk/contact/ in the first instance, detailing your requirements and giving us a contact phone number (NOT your payment card details), we will then call you back and confirm your order subject to availability of stock, delivery day and arrange to take payment. Please note that we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time and the delivery will be made following normal social distancing measures. The usual home delivery for large/bulky items will continue as normal.

If you are visiting the centre, we would like to again remind you of the measures we have in place to try and ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff.

• Everyone to wear a facemask at all times, unless exempt under the government guidelines
• Social distancing of 2m to be followed at all times
• Wherever possible, we would encourage a maximum of 2 people per household
• Please hand sanitize on entering the garden centre
• All trolleys and baskets are sanitised after each use
• Hand sanitizing stations are in place around the garden centre
• We have a oneway system in place, please follow the signage and floor markings accordingly
• Please observe any occupancy restrictions on certain areas of the centre
• For the period of the lockdown and whilst the café is closed, the public toilets will also be closed
• Large screens are in place at the tills, and the till process has been changed to reduce the risk though contact, this includes no cash transactions and the contactless payment limit increased to £45.

We will be reviewing/updating these measures regularly to ensure everyone’s safety and thank you for your co-operation during this difficult period.
We will be trying to keep business as normal as we can during the lockdown but may experience some stock shortages as suppliers fight their own battles with transport and logistical issues for the next month, we again thank you for your understanding.
Hopefully we will all be able to get thorough this difficult time and be ready to enjoy a good festive period.
From all at Root One, please stay safe and we will see you soon.



So with the nights starting to draw in and the colder weather starting to make its presence felt, we say goodbye to a great, if odd, summer, with many having spent more time in the garden than ever before and the appreciation of flowers and nature in general at the forefront of this.

But, the colder weather doesn’t mean there is nothing to do in the garden, we have lots of things here at Root One to keep you busy. From spring flowering bulbs to plant, bare root wallflowers and winter pansies to brighten up your pots or hanging baskets through to glorious trees, whose leaves are just starting to change colour to give you that beautiful autumn show before they fall, ready for you to make leaf mould for next years garden. And don’t forget grasses which give great structure in the winter garden, whether it’s just their evergreen colours or the covering in frost glinting in the early morning sun.
We also have the full range of equipment for all the garden tidying jobs, with brushes, brooms and rakes to help collect all those leaves and numerous cutting tools for your shrub and tree pruning.

Our café continues to offer a safe, spacey and welcoming environment to meet a friend for lunch or bring the family for breakfast, with our popular winter lunchtime dishes coming back onto the menu to help warm you up after a morning in the garden. The terrace area is still open if you prefer to sit outside and don’t forget Fido is welcome to sit with you on the terrace.
Should you wish, you can still reserve a table in the café by emailing cafe@root-one.co.uk by 4pm the previous day.
Once you’ve had your fill of our café’s delights, don’t forget to pick up some food for the birds from our wide range, with various seed mixes and suet balls to suit most garden visitors. It has been a good summer, with many successful chicks fledging, so they will need our help to get through the colder months. Not just with food but a source of fresh water as well, that could be just a shallow plate or one of our bird baths.

And finally, if all you want is to curl up in front of the fire with a good (gardening?) book, then we have the logs, coal and kindling for that to.
We look forward to seeing you soon at Root One and we’ll have that friendly welcome ready.



An extremely welcome announcement from the government on Tuesday, confirming the opportunity for re-opening the café, it will be lovely to have them back with us.

We are still waiting for the details around the extra safety measures we will need to take within the café but it seems that we will be allowed some inside seating and will be able to offer a more complete menu rather than the takeaway option we had been considering, full English breakfast – happy days!

It is unlikely that we will be ready to re-open on the 4th July and we will still be aiming for a mid July date, we will confirm the exact date once we have received the full guidelines and established how we will implement them.

Please bear with us in this final push towards Root One being back to its welcoming best and watch this space for a further update.



Well what a month its been since we re-opened on the 13th May.

We had the rush to get ready for opening, with minimum notice from the government but lots of guidelines to adhere to. This meant widening the aisles to allow people to pass where possible, introducing a one-way system, the screens at the tills and then ensuring sufficient sanitising products were available. Closing part of the centre to enable us focus on the core parts of the business and of course the continued closure of the café. We then had issues with stock availability on key lines because the nurseries and suppliers were still furloughed. Then we opened the doors, not knowing what to expect and how busy we would be. Happily lots of old friends returned and we welcomed an influx of new friends who had been inspired by the lockdown to get into gardening.

Thank you to all for your understanding and the general feel good factor that kept us going through the busiest trading the centre has seen since we started 19 years ago. We still had stock issues, but you understood and where possible we advised on alternatives which meant you could still achieve your aims. It was humbling to hear that for many, including our most vulnerable customers, that we were the first place they had visited since the start of the lockdown, an honour for us.

So where are we now?

Well we still have stock issues, particularly around herbs, veg plants and David Austin Roses.
The latest information from David Austin for example is as follows:
“Unfortunately due to the initial Covid-19 shutdown we were unable to pot many of our wholesale roses, this has led to a shortage at what would normally be a peak time for us. I regret to inform you that we will be unable to supply you with roses until the Autumn time at the earliest. I know this will be disappointing and I understand this is a difficult time for all. I hope that your customers are understanding of the overall situation that we all face with the challenges Covid-19 has, and, will continue to present.”

This reflects the information we are getting from many suppliers, especially our principal compost supplier The Greener Gardening company. They are a new supplier for this year and we switched because they promised a broad range of composts and barks and large supplies with quick delivery. Unfortunately they are now focusing on key lines, being unable to meet production targets and delivery times are up to a month from the date of order. As we have done with many products, we have sourced replacements, either in smaller bags or from different suppliers, hence the run of Vitax Q4 multi purpose we have been selling and that we now have Miracle Gro All Purpose available again but it has been difficult, with much joy from the team when the big lorry of compost pulls in to be unloaded along with the hurried Facebook update to say that we do have some stock.

We are slowly moving to a normal stock situation for this time of a normal gardening season, but this is not a normal year and we are mindful of that. With this being the case, we would urge you to contact us via the website if you have any specific enquiries, include your phone number and we can call or email you with an updated position.

We are constantly being asked about the café and when it will re-open, we are currently making plans on how we can open as a takeaway service so keep your eyes on the café page of the website for more information .

Finally, just wanted to again say a heartfelt thank you from all the team here for your continued support, understanding and keeping us all safe.

We hope to see you again soon.


After 24hrs of uncertainty following Boris Johnson’s address to the nation yesterday I am pleased to confirm that Root One will be re-opening from this Wednesday.

I would like to congratulate our industry trade association – the HTA – for their campaign on behalf of all garden centres.

We realise that being in the first wave of businesses that are allowed to open is a privilege and that it comes with a tremendous responsibility – the responsibility to make this work so that others will be allowed to follow, but the co-operation of all is required if this is to be so.

Social distancing is a paramount requirement.

Please rest assured however that (despite the directives and the limitations placed upon us) we will be doing everything we can to make your visit to Root One as pleasant and welcoming as we can. Be aware though that our friends, the growers, have, like us, had to furlough staff and have been forced to reduce or cancel crops. The availability of bedding plants and vegetables, in particular, is sparse and so, whilst we will do our absolute best to fill our displays with colour, scent and form, please be patient and understanding as we (and the industry that we are so proud to be a part of) try to find our feet again.

Jeremy Brudenell
Owner, Root One



Root One is a proud and paid up member of the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) which represents the garden centre industry.

The HTA is currently lobbying the government arguing that we be classified as Home and Hardware stores, which are deemed essential, and therefore allowed to stay open. We will watch this space but I think given the size of task that the government is facing this will not be regarded as a high priority. Their main focus has to be, rightly, on stopping the spread of this virus. They have said the current measures will be in place for 3 weeks but they are drawing big comparisons between our country and Italy. If we are following Italy’s course then in 3 weeks the number of dead will have risen to 6,000 plus and I can’t see at that stage that they will be suggesting that we all go outside again. So I don’t see a change in policy happening any time soon I’m afraid. We will obviously keep you posted if there are any developments and in the meantime please stay safe.

Jeremy Brudenell, Owner, Root One.



To all our valued customers we are sad to announce the closure of both the café and now the garden centre. Whilst we appreciate absolutely the necessity of social distancing at this time we also feel very strongly that there are huge mental and physical benefits to gardening and never so needed than at this time of national crisis. Our site is open and airy with a large outdoor plant area.

Had there not been such a blanket statement on Monday I believe we would have been able to implement distancing strategies that would have allowed customers to continue to come here and obtain essential supplies to support their passion for gardening and the outdoors. Instead presumably the B&Q’s and Waitrose’s of this world will continue to sell bedding and all manner of gardening sundries because bizarrely they are allowed to whilst we are not.

The nursery producers have their tunnels full to bursting at this moment – please do help them by buying whatever you can wherever it is sold. Their livelihoods are completely dependent on the Spring and early summer trade. I would like to thank all the customers who have phoned in over the last few days offering their advice, sympathy and support. Rest assured we will be back and our incredible team here will be looked after in the interim.

All the best to all of you.

Jeremy Brudenell, Owner, Root One.



Sadly we are not able to celebrate this Spring with our usual excitement and anticipation. Life at the moment is all about navigating our way through entirely uncharted waters as best as we can. As things stand we will simply continue to stay open and do our best to trade through these exceptionally difficult times. Clearly there may be supply issues in addition to a populace that has been asked to stay at home and make only essential journeys. We of course may be asked to close by the government as well and absolutely nothing is certain.

Rest assured however that we will be doing all we can at Root One to implement best practice and government advice concerning standards of hygiene to make our surroundings as safe as possible for each and every visitor to our site. Remember we do have a terrace where you can sit outside and enjoy a coffee and a sandwich in the fresh air. Hand sanitisers are available at each till point and the toilets are well stocked with soap and water and, for the time being, loo- roll! Tables and surfaces are being constantly monitored and wiped with anti-bacterial spray. Please use the contactless payment method if you feel more comfortable doing so. Hopefully there will be an end to this madness sooner rather than later. In the meantime we will do our absolute best to continue to serve you.

With very best wishes

Jeremy Brudenell
Owner, Root One.