Summer flowering bulbs have arrived at Root One!

We have a wide selection of beautiful summer-flowering bulbs that will bring impressive flower displays to your garden, not only do they look fabulous growing in borders or containers, but they also make excellent cut blooms to adorn your home too! And now is the best time to plant them.

We have lots to choose from, including the highly popular begonias, dahlias, iris, lilies, gladioli, and anemone to name but a few. Many of our summer-flowering bulbs are hardy and only need to be planted once to enjoy blooms year after year, but some tender species such as dahlias, gladioli and begonias can’t survive the frost and should be lifted and stored over the Winter to be replanted again the next Spring.

Most Summer-flowering bulbs prefer a warm, sunny position, the sunlight and warmth help to make the plants grow faster and flower more abundantly, however begonias also do very well in shady spots. Dahlias and begonias flower all summer long while lilies and gladioli flower in shorter vibrant bursts.