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COVID-19 Situation

  26/03/2020 Root One is a proud and paid up member of the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) which represents the garden centre industry. The HTA is currently lobbying the government arguing that we be classified as Home and Hardware stores, which are deemed essential, and therefore allowed to stay open. We will watch this space but I think given the size of task that the government is facing this will not be regarded as a high priority. Their main focus has to be, rightly, on stopping the spread of this virus. They have said the current measures will be in place for 3 weeks but they are drawing big comparisons between our country and Italy. If we are following Italy’s course then in 3 weeks the number of dead will have risen to 6,000 plus and I can’t see at that stage that they will be suggesting that we all go outside again. So I don’t see a change in policy happening any time soon I’m afraid. We will obviously keep you posted if there are any developments and in the meantime please stay safe. Jeremy Brudenell, Owner, Root One.   25/03/2020 To all our valued customers we are sad to announce the closure of both the café and now the garden centre. Whilst we appreciate absolutely the necessity of social distancing at this time we also feel very strongly that there are huge mental and physical benefits to gardening and never so needed than at this time of national crisis. Our site is open and airy with a large outdoor plant area. Had there not been such a... read more

Eco friendly products

As part of our ongoing commitment towards being more environmentally friendly, we make every effort to source more eco friendly products.

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