Often Winter is the time when the garden is left alone, but there are still plenty of jobs that can be done at this time of the year. Here’s our top tips for Winter:

Garden Landscaping

Winter is a great time of year to start looking at your garden to address anywhere that is missing a focal point.

  • Chose a suitable paving, or gravel for pathways and patios.
  • Add some height to your garden with an archway or trellis or perhaps an addition of a sculpture or bench. We have a lovely selection by Poppy Forge.
  • Create a sharp edge to your lawn, not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it will also make mowing easier.
Poppy Forge Arch

Poppy Forge obelisks, arches & benches

Lawn Edging

Various Lawn Edging from £4.99

Golden Gravel

We stock a range of gravel, slate & pebbles

Stock up on seeds

Whether you looking to grow your own this year, or wanting to plant something new, we have an abundance of seeds for you to chose from.

  • Before you start, check the packets of your existing seeds for their best before date.
  • Plan the type of plants or vegetables you would like to grow and where.
  • Once you have chosen your seeds, sort them into two piles – ones that can be sown directly outdoors and those that will need to be started inside. Organise them into the date in which they are sown, creating yourself a schedule.
  • Ensure you have enough seed trays and seed compost, we have lots to chose from here at Root One.

Feeding the birds

We mustn’t forget our feathered friends this winter. Once the berries have gone, they will need food to keep them going over winter.

  • Use a bird table to hang feeders filled with seeds and nuts. We stock a large selection in our glasshouse to suit your requirements.
  • Birds require high fat food during the cold winter months to help them survive the frosty nights. We recommend Fat Snax balls.
  • Ensure that you limit the amount of food you put out and dispose of any uneaten food.


Winter Warmers

To keep you warm over the winter months, we stock a good supply of winter fuel, ranging from softwood logs to smokeless fuel, we have a range to cover all your needs.

Coffee Logs

New carbon neutral Coffee Logs £7.99

Swedish Eco Torch

Swedish Eco Torch – for an instant campfire £7.99

Kiln Dried Hardwood

The Big Hardwood Bag Kiln Dried £14.99

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