With so much going on in the garden during this season, it’s a busy time of year! We’ve put together a few of our Summer tips to help you along your way.

  • Support tall growing perennials with plant supports or canes.
  • Give container displays and hanging baskets a liquid feed every few weeks to encourage flowering.
  • Apply tomato feed fortnightly to crops in pots and growing bags, such as tomatoes and chillies, to encourage fruiting.
Plant Supports

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Liquid Feed

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  • Use netting or fleece to protect blackberries and autumn raspberries from birds.
  • Keep watch for pests such as lily beetles, slugs, snails, aphids and vine weevils, remove any you find and treat plants and vegetables with an insecticide such as Bug Clear.
  • Use a slug tape or pellets around tasty plants like Dahlia’s, Delphinium and Hosta’s.

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Bug Clear

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Slug Killer

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  • Empty, mix and refill compost bins to speed up decomposition. You can also use a compost activator to get things moving.
  • Clear weeds from cracks in paving and driveways before they get established. We recommend Weedol Pathclear to kill the weeds, then use a weed knife to remove them.
  • Hoe and hand-weed borders often, so weeds don’t have time to set seed.
Compost Maker

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Weedol Pathclear

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Weed Knife

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